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A Exposed Aggregate quality installation will modernise and keep your home looking respectful all year round. To guarantee you this every measure is taken on our behalf to ensure you are fully satisfied with your new decorative concrete project. All work carried out meets strict Australian building standards regulations. Guaranteeing you this has been to key to our success to this day.
  1. Upon your free quotation a rundown of what product, patterns and areas of your home or business this will be applied to and your overall expectations and what specific needs must be met.
  2. Upon arrival the area is prepared for the pour. This means the removal of sand, grass or old paving by either wheel barrows or bobcat.
  3. All formwork frames are then set out to the desired heights and shapes. The finished heights are then set taking into account drainage and other factors. All driveway applications are at a minimum depth of 100mm with mesh where applicable.
    All pedestrian areas such as walk ways and patio areas are at a minimum depth of 75mm with mesh where applicable.
  4. The sand is then soaked down with water and fully compacted to ensure the strongest surface possible.
  5. Expansion foam and mesh is then set into place ensuring maximum strength and a minimised chance of cracking in the future. Galvanised mesh is used in Liquid Limestone applications where applicable. If you choose to add mesh however this will come at an additional cost. Although it is highly recommended for the strongest surface possible.
  6. The desired mixed it batched at a concrete plant and will arrive at your home once all necessary preparation is complete. From here it is either run in with wheelbarrows or laid straight out of the truck where possible. However, if there is no access for wheelbarrows a pump truck will need to be used. However this will come at an additional cost but would have been discussed at the time of the quote.
  7. It is then screeded to the desired heights and finished with a variety of tools to ensure the finish you have chosen is applied correctly.
  8. Depending on what product you have chosen we will either put the pattern in the same day, otherwise known as wet cut. Or we will come back the following day to cut your pattern with machines and allow for control joints to be cut. This is done to prevent cracking.
  9. We then return the following day once the product has had sufficient time to cure and high pressure clean and seal the job using specially manufactured water based or acrylic based sealers. The sealer used depends on what product you have chosen. Exposed Aggregate high pressure clean and seal all their jobs as standard.
  10. A full site cleanup is then undertaken ensuring you are totally satisfied with your new decorative concrete product. The job is then handed over to you to so you can sit back, relax and know you have a beautiful maintenance free entertaining area all year round.

It is our aim to provide you with outstanding service on time and
within your budget.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete

  • Cost Effective
  • Huge Range of Colours
  • High Durability
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Maintenance Free

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