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What is the benefit of Exposed Aggregate laying my concrete?

The benefits of having Exposed Aggregate install your Exposed Aggregate, Honed Concrete or custom pool surround is that we have a personal approach to each and every job. Another benefit is that we do not subcontract our work out to other trades. Each of our clients is happy to wait for our services as we are constantly in high demand and never rush any job. All work carried out meets specific Australian building standard regulations.

Will my new Exposed Aggregate product crack?

Like all concrete products there is always some risk of cracks occurring. We cannot guarantee it won’t crack due to subsidence and other variables. Although we do everything we can to minimise the chance of cracking by cutting control joins and using expansion foam. No concrete installer will guarantee against cracking.

What is the benefit of using Exposed Aggregate or Honed concrete over traditional brick paving?

Not only will exposed aggregate concrete and honed concrete enhance the look of your property more than paving, it will stay durable and maintenance free for a lot longer than traditional brick paving. You won't see any sinking or warping of paving, and when installed correctly it will minimise the problem of ants and weeds.

Will reinforcing mesh and all other structural products be used in my job?

Yes, at Exposed Aggregate we use steel reinforcement in all jobs we pour unless specified otherwise. The use of steel is to ensure shrinkage cracking is kept to a minimum. Due to Australian standards we are unable to give any guarantee against concrete cracking.

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Benefits of Decorative Concrete

  • Cost Effective
  • Huge Range of Colours
  • High Durability
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Maintenance Free

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